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A well presented dining table is always incomplete without the appropriate cutlery to go with it. Cutlery of good quality enhances the dining experience to a great extent. At Red Stone Catering Supplies we offer you a comprehensive selection of a wide range of cutlery. Let it be simple economy cutlery or high quality stainless steel cutlery we have everything available as per the requirements. Cutlery of contemporary designs is also available for those who prefer them. We leave no stone unturned to provide the best possible cutlery available. The cutlery provided by us is crafted with great excellence to have a high quality end result thus ensuring a fine dining experience.

Economy Cutlery
There are scores of patterns of cutlery within the catering industry and they fall into two styles. The traditional....
65 Products to choose from
Contemporary Cutlery 18/0
Contemporary Cutlery 18/0 are Made from 18-0 stainless steel. ("18-0" refers to its alloy content of 18% chrome and....
24 Products to choose from
Contemporary Cutlery 18/10
Contemporary Cutlery 18/10 is home to a wide selection of contemporary cutlery made from high quality 18/10 stainle....
24 Products to choose from
Steak Knives
Serrated Blade steak knives with a choice of darkwood rivetted handle or black dishwasher safe poly handle....
9 Products to choose from
Cutlery Storage
Redstone offer a wide range of products to store and display cutlery. From the traditional front-of-house grey and ....
6 Products to choose from