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Chef Clothing

Chef Clothing

Redstonecatering has an exhaustive range of chef uniforms, whether it be chef jacket, chef apron, chef trousers or chef coat. The uniforms are both classy and comfortable so that the chefs find it easy to work in the busy kitchen environment and at the same time look presentable. Our range of chef uniforms includes a variety of chef jackets like basic, standard, executive, coolback and superior jackets. It also includes baggy trousers which are comfortable to work in. Along with chef jackets and chef trousers other essential things that would complete the clothing, like safety footwear, aprons and neckerchiefs are also available.

Basic Jackets
Genware Basic Stud Jackets are Simple, Durable & Comfortable Jackets which offer great value, and perform in any b....
6 Products to choose from
Standard Jackets
Genware Standard Jackets are Unisex Hard Wearing with durable double stiched seams and fixed Button fastening. Slee....
2 Products to choose from
Superior Jackets
Genware Superior Jackets are Unisex traditional style designed for comfort & practicality. Removable stud button su....
5 Products to choose from
Baggy Trousers
Genware Baggy Trousers are Designed for everyday comfort in the Kitchen. Elasticated Waistband & Drawstring. Polyco....
4 Products to choose from
Chef Apron needs to be made up of a good quality as we very well know the conditions in which they have to work. Co....
13 Products to choose from
Hats & Neckerchiefs
Our Hats & Neckerchiefs by Genware offer amazing value and comfort. Used by some of the countries top chefs includi....
5 Products to choose from
Safety Footware
Chefs have to spend most of their time in the kitchen standing on their feet. They also need to move on the kitchen....
9 Products to choose from